Best-Seller Book Basics

The Best Seller Secret Strategy

What was the first vision that popped into your mind as you initially came up with the idea to write a book? I'm sure that I speak for many authors when I say;

  • Writing
  • Publishing

As an author, your NUMBER ONE job is to write, and write often.

Upon discovering that I could easily self-publish my book on the Amazon KDP platform, and find my book available for sale, all within "24 hours", I was thrilled.

The dollar signs were dancing through my mind, and momentarily, I was caught up in the idea of my upcoming fame and fortune as a new and brilliant author, more than the fact that I could possibly have to do actual work to make this happen. After all, this is Amazon's job! They're the largest online retailer in the WORLD! I knew that my book would be getting plenty of exposure.

Two weeks later, as I continued to hit my "refresh" button on my laptop repeatedly, I came to the disappointing and very real conclusion that I was going to have to work my butt off to make a single sale. Sound familiar?

Luckily, I have marketing and advertising experience through my prior employer. I assumed that I would get back to the grind and begin to see sales coming through in just a couple of days. Wrong again!

Amazon is quite tricky and sneaky with their ranking system, to name a few set-backs. After spending about four months studying anything and everything Ebooks, I thought that I had finally obtained the information that I needed to help my book to finally sell. Wrong...again. They changed up their entire algorithm, and I was back to square one.

I went on to continue my obsessive analysis, by observing what was selling and what was not. I finally came up with a small list of tools and strategies. These simple guidelines are overlooked and missed by the majority of self-published authors.

Authors want to write. They need to write. They don't have the time to stare at their Kindle or PC for hours on end hoping to discover some magical secret to get their book to sell.

With the above said, every self-published author should know, at the very minimum, the three basic elements which are essential to implementing into their book(s).

  1. TITLE
  2. COVER

If implemented correctly, they can play a HUGE role in your sales. It's all about first impressions, and the initial perception that your book will offer to the potential readers.

I very carefully and thoughtfully spent time optimizing the above three elements of my ebook and I quickly began to see activity.

It’s the simple things that we all too easily overlook when it comes to self-publishing and promotion.