Uploading your Ebook file Correctly

Uploading your Ebook File Correctly

People appreciate to-the-point content, remember this. Any extra content adding fluff to your book is just going to get you negative reviews. If your book is less than fifty pages, keep the following in mind;

  • With any kindle format, you are going to want to put a page break between each section of your book so they don't run together, and if some of the shorter sections aren't a full page long, readers will start to notice the length of the book and complain. However, if each section is at least a full page of content on their screen, they won't notice this as much.
  • If your content has pictures, it's probably going to be a process to get them all positioned right for kindle. Kindle is made for very plain, simple text unless it’s a Kindle Kid’s
  • Go to your KDP dashboard and click on your draft/book title. Upload your book file (it needs to be converted to a word document for best results). Once uploaded, click "preview" and you will have the option to see what your book will look like, on the currently utilized reading devices.
  • You’ll know that you need to adjust your file right away if text/pictures are scrambled and not in the right place. You’re also going to want to make a clickable Table of contents. This is very important.
  • In a nutshell, keep your content as plain and simple as possible when uploading to kindle. Remember, the human brain likes simple. This will increase your chances for making the sale.