27 November, 2018 By Chelsea Parker

6 Secret Thoughts All Romance Book Readers Have


6 Secret Thoughts All Romance Book Readers HaveA good romance novel can be really alluring and many of us appreciate an epic love story. Romance novels celebrate love and often represent the kind of intimacy that we desire in our own lives. There is no shame in enjoying the romance genre, even if some of the stories are a little cheesy and unrealistic. Below are 6 secret thoughts all romance novel readers have that no one talks about.

Is Love Really This Easy?

A captivating romance story will make you fall in love with the idea of love, but is it really that easy in real life? Do all stories have a happy ending? I think we all know the answer to this question, but many of us get lost in the moment of a good love story and momentarily believe that romance is actually as simple and blissful as it seems in the book.

Is He Ever Going To Kiss Her?

Most romance novel readers have read a book where it seems that one of the main characters is slow to make a move. It can be so frustrating to sense the attraction and sexual tension between two characters who take forever to finally embrace. Even more so when we already know that they end up together.

I Wish I Could Find Someone Like That

We’ve all read a book and have secretly idolized and fallen in love with one of the characters in the story. This character seems perfect in every way and it’s all too easy to fantasize about having him or her to ourselves. Some of us even get jealous of the character’s love interest in the book.

This Is So Cheesy

Even when a story is incredibly corny and trite, we can’t put the book down. Romance novels are a guilty pleasure for a lot of us and the cheesiness is often what adds to the appeal. In fact, we secretly love it. Historical romance novels take us back to a time before our jaded culture set in and can seem even more saccharine.

This Makes My Love Life Look Pathetic

Many romance book readers are guilty of comparing their own relationships and lives with the unrealistic scenarios in romance books. A good book is supposed to make you feel happy after reading it, but many of us are just left with a bad taste in our mouths. Most people soon snap back to reality after the shine wears off, though.

I’m Blushing But I Can’t Look Away

Let’s face it, some of the steamy sexual encounters depicted in romance stories are enough to make a person blush from embarrassment. Even so, we usually can’t turn away and will continue reading with enthusiastic interest. Is it even a romance story if it doesn’t include a hot love scene in it?

As silly or cliched as they are, novels about love will always be a favorite for many readers. They are fascinating, dramatic, and just plain irresistible. They can also take you into another world and distract you from the perils of everyday life. The next time you’re feeling guilty about indulging on the latest romance tale, just remember that we all have guilty pleasures and at least yours isn’t hurting anyone. Enjoy your cheesy novel and all of the secret thoughts that come with it!