1 January, 2019 By Chelsea Parker

10 Best Historical Romance Novels Of All Time


Below is our list of the 10 best historical romance novels of all time.  And when we say all time we really mean since 2009!

historical romance novels

We came up with the final list of our based on the following three criteria.

  • Number of sales per book (rankings, sales, length of time in top 100 for genre, etc)
  • Number of positive 3+ star reviews (Amazon, Good Reads, iTunes, BN, etc)
  • Buzz and reader enthusiasm (Talk in forums, blog reviews, etc)

After narrowing it down to what we thought was the best historical novels, we then asked our readers to vote on them.  These romance reads are in no particular order, simply a list of the novels by the best historical romance authors of all time…ENJOY.

So there you have it, our list of the best romance novels of all time, in the historical genre.  We have more free romance books on our daily deals page!