Miriam and Sara are two women on the brink of change. Miriam, desperate to escape her lonely existence in Iowa City, is wary when a stranger offers her a way out. But as she contemplates the risks, she realizes that the price of staying may be even higher than the unknown. Sara, a reporter for a struggling newspaper, uncovers a mysterious recording that she can't remember making. As she digs deeper into the truth, she faces obstacles from all sides, including her own employers. But the truth may be too dangerous to ignore. The path before each leads to Bolingbrook, Illinois, a town shrouded in darkness and secrets. The local paper, the Babbler, publishes unbelievable stories of vampires and conspiracies that may not be as far-fetched as they seem. Does Sara risk everything to discover the truth? Can Miriam find the strength to escape? Will either of them choose their current lives and walk away? Get the first Bolingbrook Babbler Stories book to discover which path Miriam and Sara will choose.
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