7 February, 2019 By Chelsea Parker

5 Things You Can Relate To If You Read Too Many Books


Anyone Who Reads Too Many Books to Can Relate to These 5 Unusual Things

People commended you on your reading habits in the beginning. They said you were “well read,” asked for book suggestions and esteemed your shelf filled with books (even steamy romance ones). They admired the way you enjoy unwinding with a book after a hard day’s work. These signs tell you that you’re reading has gotten a bit “out of control” in the eyes of some.

1. You Discover Books In Uncanny Areas

There’s barely any room left on your double bed due to all the books piling up everywhere. You seem to find books everywhere: by your sink, in the cupboards and stacked all over your apartment. Any purse you consider buying has to be big enough to hold a book in—why else would you buy it? It may be time to tidy up the shelves.

2. You Can’t Focus On Anything Else Until This Chapter is Finished (Alright, The Entire Book)

If your friends ask you to go out, they should hope that you’re at a stopping point with your books. You’ll need to conclude that chapter otherwise—maybe even the entire book. You may just need to come fashionably late. Reading can be a form of pre-gaming, right?

3. You Purchase Double the Number of Books You Can Read

There’s this weird phenomenon that happens when people read loads of books: the books you buy always manages to pass up the number you read. There’s still a whole bookshelf filled with books I need to read myself and here I sit with an open tap to my Amazon wishlist (sorry not sorry).

4. You’ve Finished a Book In One Reading Session. Many Times.

If someone says they’ve been reading one book for a few months you’re baffled. What are they reading—Infinite Jest? Unless you’re currently reading a book that’s more than 1,000 pages, you’ve most likely finished it in a single sitting.

5. If Someone Asks If You’ve Read a Book the Answer’s Eternally “Yes”

The new bestseller that everyone’s mad about? You’ve certainly read it. The classic your best friend just got through and is looking to discuss? It happens to be your obsession. The up-and-coming novel that’s going to be adapted into a film? You finished it before anyone even heard it was cool (no big deal).

The more books you finish, the more books you will want to read. This is just what naturally happens when you’re reading a bit too many books—and the truth is that you cannot really read enough!